The Emotional Investor | Jay Mooreland | Speaker

Jay Mooreland


Become Your Client’s Coach!

1. Differentiate Yourself
Investors may have a hard time understanding the difference between you and the low cost personal advisor services. Make it easy for them.

2. Identify & Promote Your Unique Value
Your value proposition should evolve with the changing industry. Yesterday’s value may not be tomorrow’s. Define it and communicate it to clients.

3. Improve Investor Behavior
The #1 indicator of investor success is their decisions. You have a great opportunity to help them improve their decisions and ultimately their results.

4. Play Offense!
This is about being proactive. If you wait until the call/email, it is too late.


Client psychology 
will be even more important as we go forward

– Kevin Keller, CEO CFP Board



I am passionate about progress. I believe progress, in any aspect of life, is a significant driver of happiness. Progress comes from learning – from our own mistakes, mistakes of others and what mankind has learned. And when it comes to investing, much has been learned to help us improve our decision-making process… (Read More About Jay)