The Emotional Investor | Jay Mooreland | Speaker

Jay Mooreland


Become Your Client’s Coach!

1. Set the Right Expectations
Investors should expect volatility.  They should expect forecasts to be wrong. They should expect to be surprised. Create a process that proactively reminds investors of the right expectations.

2. Teach Correct Perceptions
Perception drives behavior. Investors making the same poor decisions may indicate a skewed perception. Become your client’s coach. Teach them. 

3. Share Your Experience
Investors hire you for your experience. So share it with them. Share with them how you have learned how to ignore the impulses and make better decisions.

img_0206I am passionate about progress. I believe progress, in any aspect of life, is a significant driver of happiness. Progress comes from learning – from our own mistakes, mistakes of others and what mankind has learned. And when it comes to investing, much has been learned to help us improve our decision-making process (Read More About Jay)

Client psychology 
will be even more important as we go forward

– Kevin Keller, CEO CFP Board

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