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Jay Mooreland


What are you doing today to help your clients make better financial decisions tomorrow?

 Why Behavioral Coaching:

1. RoboAdvisors/RoboPlanners
Investors are focused on low fees and view an advisor’s primary role to offer risk, allocation and financial projections. Those are now available at next to no cost. Behavioral coaching is a differentiator, both from a RoboOffering and from advisors that don’t offer it.

2. Progression – A Better You
This is about becoming a better advisor to your clients and helping your clients become a better investor. Regardless of past mistakes, we can make better future decisions…so long as we improve our decision-making process. That’s what behavioral coaching is all about.

3. Value You Can Measure
Vanguard found that behavioral coaching is the single biggest value advisors can provide…that can be measured. Their study concluded that behavioral coaching added 150 basis points in return per year compared with advisors that don’t provide it. A win-win for client and advisor. 

The Emotional Investor provides many resources for both investors and financial professionals. Live presentations, a blog, published articles on investor behavior and the Amazon best selling book, The Emotional Investor are among the many resources available.

Exclusively for financial professionals that want to take both their understanding and implementation of “behavioral finance” to the next level, The Emotional Investor offers premium tools and resources through The Emotional Investor Institute.

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Understanding My Client

Advantages of Behavioral Profiling

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