Frequently Asked Questions

How much of my time will the Network take?

Initially – one hour.  Get to know each other, figure out a game plan and identify what resources you want to leverage first.

Thereafter – 45 min/month.  This will be sufficient time to receive all the coaching/training that I provide network members. Any coaching calls you desire to have/be a part of would be additional time, but completely optional.

I work with your staff to execute the plan – which is why it takes very little of your time.  I will need up to an hour of your staff’s time initially to get things set up. After that it will take less than 30 minutes per month for your staff to execute on the strategy.

What’s my expected ROI?

This really depends on how much you put into the network. The more you use the content and tools to promote your value, differentiate yourself and engage clients, the more you can expect it to payoff. And collaborating with other advisors in the network – sharing best practices – can be a significant benefit to your practice.

Bottom line, if the network helps you save or gain one $300k account (basic membership), it pays for itself.

When do we get the monthly content, and what about compliance?

The monthly video and written content are posted to Basecamp on/around the 1st of every month.

The video is approved by Advisor Group, Cetera, LPL & Eagle Strategies before it goes out to you. Because we don’t discuss securities or make any claims/recommendations the content is never an issue. Network members come from many broker dealers – none of which have had a compliance issue with the videos.

I encourage advisors to make the written content their own – add your personality to it. Then submit to your compliance before disbursing.

I’m very busy. How will I know if there is something “big” that I need to be aware of?

I will use the message board and Monday video message to highlight important stuff, and I will repeat it several times.

What if I can’t make the monthly coaching webcasts?

No problem – you won’t miss a thing. All coaching webcasts are recorded and available in Basecamp. Each webcast has a written summary so you can determine whether it is worth 25 minutes of your time.