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When Spouses Engage Differently With You

Client communication is one of the most important facets of the advisor/client relationship. We want [...]

When Your Client Needs to Be More Aggressive But Won’t

It is not uncommon for advisors to have situations in which an investor needs to [...]

The Holy Grail of Investing

Tony Robbins recently wrote a book, The Holy Grail of Investing. Based on Robbins’ notoriety [...]

What to Do When Investors Mix Politics and Investing

We are still many months from the next election, but strong feelings about the current [...]

4 Years Ago This Piece of Content Was Prescient

It was four years ago today that I wrote a post that has turned out [...]

What Won’t Change About Investors in the Future?

Jeff Bezos, founder of, has shared numerous times how he believes became such [...]

4 Questions Every Advisor Should Review With Their Clients

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article about four questions on the top of [...]

Are We Really Due for a Correction?

Prognostication is a favorite investor pastime.  It affects, whether consciously or not, just about every [...]

What Exactly is Normal for the Stock Market?

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal that talked about how investors’ [...]

Behavioral Insights to the Passive vs. Active Debate

When I present at conferences on behavioral finance matters it is not uncommon to get [...]

Increase Your Social Influence by Eulogizing the Living

This last Spring I had finished reading a few books that had to do with [...]

The Psychology of the Slippery Slope (Incentives, Biases & Gray Areas)

This week I spoke at a conference where Andy Fastow, ex-CFO of Enron, also spoke. [...]

When Profit Maximization Fails (Evernote Example)

I have been (or I should say had been) a loyal and frequent paid user [...]

The Purpose & Dangers of Apocalyptic Forecasts

I have been seeing a lot more apocalyptic forecasts lately…in my social media feeds. Previously, [...]

Why AI Concerns Me

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to improve many of the tools and resources we [...]

Improving Investor Experience

Technology firms devote an incredible amount of resources to improving their users’ experience. Doing so [...]

Investing Like Sherlock Holmes

I love watching programs about Sherlock Holmes, especially the movies in which Robert Downey Jr [...]

Casinos, Investors & Variable Rewards

I was recently in Las Vegas for a few meetings and witnessed something that intrigued [...]

Another Promising Fund Goes Under

Several years ago I met a portfolio manager at an investment conference. I had just [...]

Why Haven’t Investors Panicked…Yet?

Just the other week we got our first big surprise of the year; the failure [...]

The Best Article I Have Ever Written

I have been creating behavioral finance content for eight years now. Some of the content [...]

Happy New Week!

I honestly can’t stand New Year’s Day. OK, it isn’t the day itself, especially if [...]

Is it Better to Be Nice or Honest?

What do you say – Is it better to be nice or honest? It goes [...]

We Only Anchor Up

It has been said that investors are irrational. It should also be said that humans [...]

Get On (or Off) the ARKK!

ARKK has been one of the most popular investments over the past few years. It [...]