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Why Haven’t Investors Panicked…Yet?

Just the other week we got our first big surprise of the year; the failure [...]

The Best Article I Have Ever Written

I have been creating behavioral finance content for eight years now. Some of the content [...]

Happy New Week!

I honestly can’t stand New Year’s Day. OK, it isn’t the day itself, especially if [...]

Is it Better to Be Nice or Honest?

What do you say – Is it better to be nice or honest? It goes [...]

We Only Anchor Up

It has been said that investors are irrational. It should also be said that humans [...]

Get On (or Off) the ARKK!

ARKK has been one of the most popular investments over the past few years. It [...]

Everything is Relative

Whenever we make a judgment or form an opinion, we make it relative to something [...]

The Goldman Touch is Not the Midas touch

In my 20+ years experience as an investment advisor, I am surprised at how much [...]

My 2nd Ride Along With St Paul Police

Last summer I rode along with a friend of mine, who is a St Paul [...]

The Unreliability of Economists & Strategists

Investors are constantly bombarded with economic and stock market forecasts. These “experts,” as they are [...]

Smart Money Makes Another Dumb Mistake

Institutional and professional money managers are sometimes referred to as “smart money.” I honestly don’t [...]

Conviction vs Overconfidence – An Example From MicroStrategy

There is a fine line between having conviction in a security (or portfolio) and being [...]

3 Costliest Mistakes Investors Make

It has been said that investing is simple, but not easy. I would agree with [...]

Earnings Season is Here. Investors Shouldn’t Care

Recent headlines excitedly announced that earnings season has arrived. This is certainly an exciting time [...]

When ‘Wait and See’ Is The Right Investment Strategy

There are times when it is easy to invest, and times when it is easier [...]

Alternative Investments – Alternative Ways to Lose Money?

Alternative investments consist of any asset that doesn’t fit an existing, traditional asset class such [...]

Viewpoint of ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ is Useless

I find it interesting that a lot of market pundits will state that they are [...]

Weathering the Storm With Greater Conviction

We have had quite a volatile start to 2022, and there is no assurance the [...]

Will a Recession Occur? The Best Response to That Question

Investors love to spend an insane amount of time and energy on things that are [...]

Chasing Performance, Fueled by Hope

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are impacted by past performance. The [...]

The Downside of Managing Risk

Risk management is an often used term in the financial industry, by providers of financial [...]

Signaling Your Value Through Your Fee Schedule

The majority of advisors charge clients using an asset under management (AUM) fee schedule. This [...]

There is a Crypto Bubble, But Not Where You Think

Crypto currencies started gaining widespread attention when Bitcoin made its first parabolic move to $2,000 [...]

How Behavioral Biases Crushed Peloton’s Business

Peloton did amazingly well during the pandemic. Now the company is facing financial hardship and [...]

Why Don’t We Tip at McDonald’s?

Tips have been ingrained in certain segments of American culture for decades. Tips have historically [...]