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Decision Quality

We often evaluate the quality of our decisions based on its outcomes. If it was [...]

Beware of Averages

We use averages often in the business of investing and financial planning. We quote averages [...]

Just How Strong is the Global Economy?

Much of what I do, both professionally and personally, is guided by, “By their fruits [...]

Averages Are Misleading & Dangerous to Investors

We use averages a lot in the business of investing and financial planning. Two of [...]

Treating Your Investments Like Private Equity

Private equity consists of investments in private (non-traded) companies. They are often available through limited [...]

Temporary vs. Permanent Losses

There is a difference between temporary and permanent financial losses. Knowing the difference can help [...]

The Illusion of Roboadvisors

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending FPA’s annual conference in Boston. Among [...]

An Action Plan For Investors Holding Too Much Cash

One of the greatest benefits of being a public speaker is getting to meet different [...]

Break That Habit

This week is not a blog, rather a link to a publication I wrote for [...]