Podcast: Behavioral Finance Applications for Advisors

I was recently a guest on The Human Side of Money Podcast. This was initially scheduled for 45 minutes, but we ended up going on for 75 minutes. A lot of application ideas and challenges were discussed. You will not be bored.

Download the podcast on your favorite player or you can listen online here.

Things You’ll Learn

  • How to implement a “Behavioral Plan Policy Statement” with clients to pre-commit to desired actions while in a rational state of mind
  • What effective behavioral coaching looks like and where most advisors get it wrong
  • How proactive communication instills good behavior and the different ways to use it with clients
  • How effectively applying behavioral finance principles serves as a way to differentiate your business
  • Why you should coach a behavioral principle/perception in every meeting
  • The role of questions on behavior and my favorite question to ask prospective clients
  • My communication strategy to keep clients from ever reaching the edge instead of talking them off of it