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Current Presentations: 

Messaging: Before, During & After a Crisis  *NEW*

What type of messages are most effective during a crisis? And what type of messaging should be done all the other times to mentally prepare clients for the next one. Lots of real life examples used.
Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors

Differentiating Yourself as a Financial Professional

One of the primary desires of financial professionals is to differentiate themselves. To prospects, we all sound the same – we have a process, we care about clients etc… Yet there are a few things advisors can do to truly differentiate themselves and in a way that clients and prospects perceive. We discuss niche markets, websites and coaching.
Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors

Understanding & Improving Investor Behavior

In order to solve something, you first must identify what is causing the problem. The problem with investors is that they are their own worst enemies. Why? This presentation goes into detail about underlying drivers of financial decisions, and shares specific ways financial professionals can help improve investor behavior.
Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors

Coaching & Communicating with Your Client

Prepares advisors to evolve their role into being a financial and behavioral coach to clients. Three specific coaching topics are discussed with specific and immediate application ideas.  A five question communication assessment is introduced as well as a discussion on how to effectively communicate with various types of clients.
Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors

Creating a Robust Plan for Emotional Investors

One of the greatest challenges for financial professionals is not designing the plan or identifying the correct recommendation. It is about keeping their clients from abandoning that plan. There are lots of distractions; lots of temptations for investors to act based on short-term stimuli. This presentation discusses specific strategies that professionals incorporate into the plan/strategy to improve investor adherence.
Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors

Tackling Hard Meetings with Soft Skills

The meeting we all try to avoid, but occasionally occurs.  The client is upset and letting us know about it. How do we respond? How can we make the most of the situation? How can we maintain our professionalism? We discuss ways to help upset clients know that “you get it”, empathize with them and work toward shifting the meeting to become both positive and productive.
Target Audience: Client-Facing Advisors

Mind Games

Presented on behalf of financial advisors to their clients/prospects. Uses interactive and fun games to demonstrate how our brain takes shortcuts and how they often influence poor financial decisions. Provides specific steps to encourage a more thoughtful approach to decisions.
Target Audience: Retail Investors

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“Jay did a great job of laying the foundation and then pulling it all together to have it make sense AND make it actionable. I like how he explained the material from all facets of the client interactions so attendees could see how to APPLY what they learned. The Commitment Plan is brilliant!

Refined speaker. New twist to Behavioral Finance with actionable steps.”

“Included ideas that were actually practical!“

“Thank you for actionable, realistic practice steps that can be taken to use the information presented. Too many times, speakers (FPA and non-FPA) share ‘information’ that is interesting, but do not share how to relate it to implementable practices.”

Great recommendations on how to create better relationships with various types of clients.”

“Easily implemented ideas into your practice. Great speaker, relevant topic.”

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