Where is the “Undo Trade” Button?

This past week Google announced a new feature for email users – the ability to [...]

When Optimal Isn’t Optimal

Something that is optimal is best or most favorable. Whether we are discussing choices, strategies [...]

Taking Things Out of Context

A few weeks ago on the podcast, Masters in Business, Barry Ritholtz interviewed former securities [...]

Lie to Me – Nonverbal Communication

I loved the show Lie to Me. I was terribly disappointed when it was canceled [...]

Why Some Stimuli Fail to Stimulate

Over the past several months Americans have experienced a financial windfall in the form of [...]

Remembering Our Mistakes


What’s Your Preference: Maximize Return or Minimize Risk?

Every investor would love to find an investment that allows them to participate in all [...]

A Review of Dalbar’s 2015 “Quantitative Analysis of Investor Behavior”

Dalbar researches and reports on the returns of investors compared to benchmark indices over various [...]

An Action Plan For Investors Holding Too Much Cash

One of the greatest benefits of being a public speaker is getting to meet different [...]

Notes from Behavioral Economics Workshop with Dan Ariely

Last summer I attended a two-day workshop at Duke University hosted by Dr. Dan Ariely [...]

The Consequences of Financial Myopia

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a common vision condition. Most of us are familiar with the [...]

Behavioral Investing Insights – Featuring Psychologist Dr. Daniel Crosby @incblot

Dr. Daniel Crosby is a psychologist who has been training financial professionals on how biases [...]

Break That Habit

This week is not a blog, rather a link to a publication I wrote for [...]

Chasing Risk For Little Return

Many investors are lured into purchasing securities after they have had good performance in hopes [...]

Why Investors Should Hope For More Volatility

It is well known that market volatility can cause fear and irrational behavior among investors…namely [...]

DisneyWorld, Sunk Costs, Loss Aversion & Investors

This last week for Spring Break my family vacationed in Orlando, Florida. We were there [...]

A Better Approach to Evaluating Investment Performance

I speak a lot on the topic of investor behavior. I provide education and training [...]

Remaining Rational in an Irrational Marketplace

Remaining rational is perhaps the most difficult issue for investors and financial professionals alike. Thanks [...]

A Prescription for Investors Who Speculate

Many people have had the experience of winning and losing money at a casino. Most [...]

Our Fragile Memory: It’s On The Tip Of My Tongue

Have you ever been writing a document, preparing a presentation or conversing with someone and [...]

What Investors Can Learn From Brian Williams

Brian Williams has been suspended for six months without pay.  But the media is missing the [...]

Welcome to My Blog. About Me and Embarrassing Moments

Background I have been in the financial services industry since 1999. I started with Morgan [...]