Today is Tomorrow’s Good Old Days

My daughter just turned 21. First off, I can’t believe she is that old…and that I am that old. But her turning 21, like other significant events, provides a wonderful reminder to reflect on the past.

Reflection is an important activity that can help us learn from the past, improve our future, and find a sense of accomplishment and contentment along the way. Unfortunately, many people are uncomfortable being with themselves, being quiet, without their face constantly in a device – which is necessary to experience the joy of reflection.

Cherishing Today

As I was reflecting on some past pictures and events, I found myself saying, “Aww, those were the good old days.” They were definitely times I would love to experience again, even just for a day, such as her climbing up on my lap and cuddling, and some of the silly games we played together.

While reflecting is fun, living in the past can be devastating. When we live in the past (or in the future) too often, we miss the present. Tomorrow’s sweet memories are going to be made of today. And if we spend today living in the past or imagining the future, we really don’t have a memory for the future.

My message upon this reflection is that while we should always plan for the future and learn from the past, we must make sure that we live in the present. We need to cherish things today. No matter how difficult our lives might be at a given moment, we can find things that give us joy – even the simple things in life. It might be easier to wish things were different, or that we could relive a past situation, but today is what is real…and what is what really matters.

While there are experiences I wish I could repeat the reality is that I can’t. That’s OK. It just means I really enjoyed those events and today I hope to experience events that I will equally appreciate…so one day I will look back on May 2024 and say to myself, “Aww, those were the good old days.”

Let’s make the present a future “good old day.”


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