Me, Myself & Market Movements

Last week the Federal Reserve did as everyone was expecting – they cut rates 25bps. [...]

Our Lives Would Be Better Without Twitter

The virtue of technology is its capability to improve our lives. It can make things [...]

The Virtue of Note Taking

The other week I spoke at a major broker/dealer conference. I flew in the day [...]

Just How Strong is the Global Economy?

Much of what I do, both professionally and personally, is guided by, “By their fruits [...]

The Power of Pattern Detection

In my course of study on behavioral finance and decision-making, I often learn and think [...]

The Illusion of Certainty

Our brain hates uncertainty. Absolutely detests it. Has there been a time when you didn’t [...]

Beware of Misleading Headlines & Illustrations

Many advisors are aware of media bias and the power of a misleading headline. We [...]

Do We Really Care Who Was #1 Stock Picker?

The Wall Street Journal recently published “And the No. 1 Stock-Fund Manager Is…”. I clicked [...]

The Stupidity of “Smart Money”

Calpers, one of the largest and most respected pensions in the world, is sounding desperate. [...]

We Are Such a Divided Nation – Thanks Facebook

It wasn’t too long ago that we could have an election or State of the [...]

How Did Wall Street’s “Smartest Investors” Fare in 2018?

Every year Barron’s gets together a roundtable of “Wall Street’s Smartest Investors” to make stock [...]

Why We Own What We Own

The beginning of the year is an opportune time to review the investments our clients [...]

Three Perspectives on Volatility to Share With Clients

On October 25th, I posted some coaching perspectives on volatility in The Behavioral Finance Network.  This [...]

Index Funds Can and Likely Will Underperform

Underperformance is a relative term. Compared to what? When times are good, we generally compare [...]

When Refinancing to a Higher Rate is a Good Idea

Never. I could end my blog there, but I think it is interesting to understand [...]

“This is Who I Am” is Anti-Progress

There seems to be an overall empowerment and acceptance of the statement, “This is who [...]

Why Advisors Need to Pay Greater Attention to Fees

Advisors are beginning to pay more attention to fees, and acknowledging that they are an [...]

When Erroneous Models Produce Better Results

Several weeks ago Jason Zweig wrote about an erroneous and failed model employed in the [...]

Averages Are Misleading & Dangerous to Investors

We use averages a lot in the business of investing and financial planning. Two of [...]

The Challenge of Engaging Others

There may be some truth to the saying, “dog is man’s best friend.” Maybe that’s [...]

When a Respected Investor Becomes a Fearmonger

On April 5, 2018 Jack Bogle, founder of Vanguard, and a very respected investor said, [...]

With Uncertainty, Process Always Trumps Outcomes

The markets are filled with uncertainty and most investors are focused on short-term outcomes. This [...]

When Both Rational & Irrational Investors Sell

I recently read an article in Barron’s that discussed why rational investors may sell in [...]

Treating Your Investments Like Private Equity

Private equity consists of investments in private (non-traded) companies. They are often available through limited [...]

Passive Investing vs. Passive Investor

Over the past several years, investors and experts have debated passive vs active investing. Passive [...]