Discount Gas, Lines & Valuing Ourselves

Last week my wife and I pulled into Costco and were amazed at the line [...]

Why Probability is So Difficult For Our Brains

My new book is nearing completion. INVESTMENT ILLUSIONS: 12 Common Illusions That Can Sabotage Your [...]

Three Valuable Investment Lessons From Zillow’s Folly

Zillow recently made headlines (and lost over a quarter of their market value) by announcing [...]

Mindful Decision Making

Last week I attended the Advisor Group ConnectED conference in Las Vegas. I both spoke [...]

Unintentional Deception

Trust is perhaps the most important quality for any enduring relationship. Whether that relationship is [...]

The Illusion of Information

I have finished writing the manuscript for: INVESTMENT ILLUSIONS: 12 Common Illusions That Can Sabotage [...]

Is There Anywhere to Hide?

For decades the stock and bond market have both performed exceptionally well…often at the same [...]

The Illusion of Rationality

I am just finishing up writing a new book on behavioral finance and investing. I [...]

Prospective Hindsight Helped Me Be a Better Dad

Prospective hindsight is the act of placing yourself in the future and looking back. Such [...]

No Thanks Uber, I’ll Take a Taxi

There has been a lot of news about Lyft and Uber trying to persuade drivers [...]

Will Robinhood Become a Meme Stock Itself?

Now that the app-based brokerage firm, Robinhood, has gone public I wonder if it will [...]

The Peril of “Expert Forecasts” (Smut) – Current Example

One of the most deceptive and destructive investment pieces has been published under the title [...]

Walking the Talk – The Psychological Importance of Consistency

In business, we often make strong claims about who we are, why someone would want [...]

Combatting the Perceived Ease of Investing

On a recent mastermind call I hosted for advisors we discussed the challenge that investing [...]

My Ride Along with the St Paul Police

The other week I fulfilled a boyhood dream of riding along with a police officer. [...]

Investing in Roulette

What would be your reaction if I said I was going to Las Vegas to [...]

A Financial Plan Is Not Enough

We can break down ways to invest into two basic categories: Based on a plan [...]

Beware When Complacency Abounds

The “Coronacrash” is history. The crisis, subsequent fiscal and monetary policy stimulus and vaccines have [...]

Podcast: Behavioral Finance Applications for Advisors

I was recently a guest on The Human Side of Money Podcast. This was initially [...]

Bitcoin, Buffett & The Confirmation Bias

I was listening to a webinar earlier this week hosted by Ric Edelman with Matt [...]

Perception > Truth

Most people would agree that knowing a truth is important. We are driven to find [...]

Highest Rated Client Article From 2020

Many financial advisors do a good job of staying in front of their clients and [...]

Are Chatbots the Future of Financial Advice?

Artificial intelligence continues to make great progress as we seek greater efficiency in our businesses [...]

What I Learned About Investing by Walking My Dog

A few weeks ago I was walking my dog. He is a seven-year old British [...]

Deceptive Ads – Part 2

Last week I wrote about an ad I encountered on Facebook about a trading program [...]