Using Loss Aversion to Your Benefit

Loss aversion is an emotional bias. Basic behavioral coaching strategies are ineffective with emotional biases. [...]

The CDC, COVID and Behavioral Biases

The director of the CDC recently said that this fall may be the worst one [...]

Challenges of Applying Behavioral Finance

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How Behavioral Finance Helped Advisors in 2020

As I speak at major conferences on the application of behavioral finance I often hear [...]

Make 2020 A Great Year

We are halfway through the year, and already people say “good riddance” to 2020. This [...]

How Investors Choose Their Financial Advisor

I am a member of Brighthouse Financial’s Insights Panel. This panel contains thought leaders across [...]

Behavioral Finance Doesn’t Work

A declaration that behavioral finance doesn’t work is probably not something you expect to hear [...]

10 Destructive Behaviors of Emotional Investors

A magazine editor recently read my book, The Emotional Investor, and I gave him permission [...]

Behavioral Finance Article Published by Kitces

Late last year I was asked by Michael Kitces to write a guest blog on [...]

Is “Do Nothing” Just Lazy Advice?

We are coming off of some pretty significant moves in the stock market. The market [...]

My Costco Experience – Recovery May Take a While

Yesterday I went to Costco with my wife to pick up a few items. That [...]

The Fear Pandemic & A Timely Message

There is one thing more contagious than Coronavirus – that is fear. The last few [...]

A Consistent Message For YoYo Markets

The last few days have been something else! Coronavirus news came out several weeks before [...]

InvestmentNews – Behavioral Finance Interview

At Schwab’s IMPACT conference, I was interviewed by InvestmentNews about the challenges facing advisors in [...]

Decision Quality

We often evaluate the quality of our decisions based on its outcomes. If it was [...]

Beware of Averages

We use averages often in the business of investing and financial planning. We quote averages [...]

“Smart Money” Shows It’s Stupidity Again

Ever since I began paying attention to the so called “smart money”, I have been [...]

Why This Time May Be Worse For Investors (Psychologically)

We are down about 5% from ALL TIME highs. And investors are beginning to get [...]

I’m Crying for You Argentina

Yesterday, the Argentine stock market, known as the S&P Merval Index, lost over 48% in [...]

Me, Myself & Market Movements

Last week the Federal Reserve did as everyone was expecting – they cut rates 25bps. [...]

Our Lives Would Be Better Without Twitter

The virtue of technology is its capability to improve our lives. It can make things [...]

The Virtue of Note Taking

The other week I spoke at a major broker/dealer conference. I flew in the day [...]

Just How Strong is the Global Economy?

Much of what I do, both professionally and personally, is guided by, “By their fruits [...]

The Power of Pattern Detection

In my course of study on behavioral finance and decision-making, I often learn and think [...]

The Illusion of Certainty

Our brain hates uncertainty. Absolutely detests it. Has there been a time when you didn’t [...]